Are you a lefty who plays guitar? You are not alone. Some of the world’s best guitar players are left-handed. Here are three of the brightest stars:

  • Jimi Hendrix – Most likely one of the most famous guitar players ever, Jimi may have been a southpaw but was forced to learn to play right-handed by his father. The story was his dad though playing the guitar to the left was a sign of the devil. Jimi stuck with the right-hand style but eventually started playing with his stings upside down.
  • Kurt Cobain – Kurt’s abilities on the guitar are often overlooked by his unfortunate death and his tabloid-exploited dalliances with drugs. Kurt may have played with his left, but it is said that he was ambidextrous. In fact, he has been seen playing drums in a right-handed position, as well as writing with his right.
  • Tommy Iommi – Not only did Black Sabbath’s Tommy Iommi play guitar with his left – but he also performed as well as he did with two fingers missing on his right hand. He attempted to play with his right but soon switched back to left-handed guitars. He now performs with plastic tips on his fingers.

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