Step foot in a big box music store and you will always see the same thing – rows upon rows of the same old guitars. You will also run into piles of amps that have been pawed by every amateur player trying to stumble through a Metallica riff. When you step up to the pedal case, you only see the same old distortion, delay, and multi-effect units. As a serious guitar player, you want to shop at a place that caters to someone with more refined tastes. DHR Guitar Experience is the shop for you.

It is our mission to provide serious guitar players with only the highest quality guitars made in the USA. Our business is a premier dealer for some of the best boutique brands out there, including Preston Thompson, Breedlove, Hamer, and Benedetto. We offer new and used selections, as well as a huge array of left-handed guitars for those southpaws out there.

You can visit our shop in Cincinnati, OH, or you can peruse our selections in our online boutique guitar shop. Whether you are looking for a new guitar for gigging or are interested in expanding your collection, you will have no problem finding a quality selection from our business.