Discover excellent guitar amps when you shop with DHR Guitar Experience. We are proud to sell the following Milkman amp selections for your next show:

  • Dairy Air Combo – Are you looking for a portable and versatile combo amp? The Dairy Air Combo is the first-rate option for you. Players who travel by air can take the amplifier with them and use any speaker. The amp is wired by hand onto a custom turret board and features high-end components.
  • 10W Vanilla Pint Combo Amp – This is a mighty small amp that delivers 10 clean watts and 18 overdriven watts when pushed to the limit. Many players have said this is one of the most sensitive Milkman amplifiers to date, as it delivers unique even order harmonics.
  • 50W Sideman Combo Amp – We are happy to offer this small amp that puts out an impressive amount of power from such a small package. It may be small and light, but it features three-band EQ, a two-knob reverb system, and a rich modulating tremolo.

Shop at our online store when you are looking for electric guitar amps for gigs. In addition to these Milkman selections, our business also carries amps from Carr, Friedman, Henriksen, and Swart.