Are you searching for new pedals for your setup? Here are three vital selections all guitar players should have on hand:

  • Tuner Pedal – Whether you are at home playing on your own or on stage in front of a crowd, a good tuner pedal is a vital part of any pedal setup. With a pedal on hand, you will not have to worry about unplugging your guitar, plugging into another unit, and connecting back to your rig.
  • Distortion Pedal – Take your solos to the next level with a good distortion pedal. You could be playing a hot jazz set or rocking with a garage band – having a decent distortion pedal on hand allows you to bring a distinct sound to your show. If you want a little bit of edge, a fuzz or overdrive pedal may work for you.
  • Delay or Reverb Pedal – As a distinguished player, you know that playing notes is not the only way you can bring emotion to a song. A delay or reverb pedal is a smart investment, as these options allow you to widen your sound. Some of these pedals will even loop your sound, allowing you to use the pedal as an instrument itself.

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