Looking for a great-sounding jazz guitar but can’t afford some of the hefty price tag that comes with the territory? Nowadays, it’s easy to find a quality instrument for under $2,000 that will not only be exceptional in terms of playability, fit and finish, but be a versatile instrument as well. Today we will look at new offerings from Comins Guitars.

The Comins GCS-1 is a versatile and nimble instrument with many options. It excels in not only straight-ahead tones but can easily hold its own in blues and fusion.

All About Comins Guitars

Pennsylvania luthier Bill Comins is known as one of the top luthiers and finest makers of archtop guitars today. His instruments have been played by many professional jazz guitarists such as Jimmy Bruno, Steve Herberman, Vic Juris, Rick Stone, Brandon Coleman, Yotam Silberstein and many, many more.

From CominsGuitars.com:

Hallmarks of Comins Guitars include precise setup work, comfortable feeling necks, a clear and round high end, punchy mids, and a “broken in” or “old wood” sound. Guided by the works of great makers past and present, Comins has devoted much attention to considering elements such as modeling and graduation of the arched plates, mass of individual components, sound-hole styling and placement, variables in geometric relationships, etc. This progression of fine-tuning has led to deep understanding of how components function in concert, and how they can be manipulated toward a desired result. What is learned from each newly created piece is brought to the next. Bill also attributes the success of his instruments to sensibilities acquired through his years of playing.

About the Guitar Craft Series

The new Guitar Craft Series from Comins Guitars are a new and affordable way to get the signature Bill Comins quality and sound without having to pay the full price tag for a custom-built instrument.

From Bill:

“A while back, I was given the opportunity to visit and work closely with a South Korean guitar manufacturing facility.  Arriving not knowing what to expect, I quickly learned that this was a team of dedicated craftspeople, many of them having decades of experience in instrument building.  And I came to see that given a good design, they were quite capable of producing some great sounding instruments with a high degree of structural integrity.

In time, they graciously agreed to work with me to produce a new line of guitars. These are original designs being built to my specifications with close collaboration.  Choosing from their pallet of available materials, I’ve selected only components that meet a high standard for tone, stability, and consistency.  Critical specifications are adhered to at every step along the way, and the coup de grace is that I’m personally ensuring that every instrument receives a precision setup before going to its final destination. I’m confident these instruments will exceed your expectations for performance and value.”

Currently, Comins offers a three models, the GCS-1 – a semi-hollowbody with maple top, rosewood fretboard and two humbuckers – the GCS-1ES – similar to the aforementioned model but with a spruce top and ebony fretboard – and the GCS-16, a 16-in laminate hollowbody that comes in both single and dual humbucker configurations.

You can get any of the Guitar Craft Series here at DHR Guitar Experience! Come on by and check one out!