Carr Viceroy 2 x 10 – Coco


The 6L6 Viceroy is biased deeply into Class A, yielding a pushed, ready-to-jump feel. The vibe from The Viceroy is explosive and forward-tilting. It distorts very well in a large curd Tweedish way when cranked. The clean tone is gorgeous and dimensional. The 1×12 is wonderfully compact.

Features include reverb, two power levels (33 or 7 watts), variable drive control (internal clean boost which gives the amp more push and OD when the amp is turned up – you can hear more of the winding on strings and dynamic, super twang), lastly a footswitchable fixed boost (partial tone stack bypass), which greatly increases midrange punch and yields a wonderful grind – the volume increase is just right for a solo or if the amp is really overdriving it thickens and adds sustain (lighted footswitch included).

Controls include volume, treble, mid (with panel on/off for boost), bass, reverb, drive, and power level.

  • Class A
  • Dual 6L6 output tubes
  • Two power levels: 33 or 7 watts
  • Unique variable drive control
  • Footswitchable fixed boost (lighted footswitch included)
  • Tube reverb
  • 100% hand wired
  • Solid pine dovetailed cabinet built in-house
  • Eminence Elsinore speakers


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