Henriksen JazzAmp 112

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About the JazzAmp 112

When we were first developing the JazzAmp for guitar, we also wanted a bass model that was every bit as good for jazz bassists. So we built a prototype and sent it for evaluation to the greatest experts we could think of on the topic of upright bass for jazz – the David Gage shop in NYC. After many conversations and a focus group with everyone there as well as our own R&D, the 12″ bass model of the JazzAmp was born. Now with all the upgrades and features of the 3rd generation JazzAmp, the 312 is an incredibly expressive amp for bass, either electric or upright, and has the frequency spectrum coverage to make it a great amplifier solution for anything from stage piano to electric violin.

Features and Specifications

The JazzAmp 312 features an Eminence Beta speaker and a defeat-able Eminence tweeter for an even, full range response in a cabinet designed to handle the low end of an upright bass yet maintain high end complexities necessary for guitar or other instruments. The Beta speaker gives you a warm, dark and mellow tone and the tweeter creates a high frequency dimension that sparkles and really brings out acoustic qualities of your guitar, and will add an acoustic quality to your solid body guitars or EUB’s.

The feature set on the 312 includes an input gain control along with the 1/4″/XLR phantom powered combo jack to accommodate almost any pickup system. The 5-band EQ offers the ability to adjust the amplifier to the room without messing with the original tone of the instrument. There is also an extension speaker output, FX loop, tweeter defeat switch, balanced XLR line out and a headphone jack.

Tech specs:

• 120 watts
• Input Gain Control
• Bright switch
• 5 band graphic EQ
• Reverb
• 48v phantom powered XLR/1/4″ combo input
• Balanced XLR line out (post EQ and reverb)
• Eminence Beta 12 speaker with ASD1001 tweeter
• TRS send/return FX loop
• Ext. Speaker out
• Headphone Jack

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